Active Shooter Response Training. . .

The Delta5 Solutions Group provides customizable, cost-effective, cutting-edge Active Shooter and Situational Awareness training programs to individuals, businesses and schools across Southern California.

Each of our programs is presented seminar-style at your location for your convenience; we come to YOU.  Most programs last approximately one hour and allow for plenty of Q&A.

Aside from the increased safety and security benefits, our training programs make perfect business sense; a growing number of our clients are receiving liability insurance discounts from our certifications to the point that these discounts often entirely pay for our training.  That's means our training programs become FREE!!! 

In fact, some of those clients are even receiving discounts GREATER THAN our costs so. . . they're actually MAKING MONEY from our training.

Your solution is just a phone call or e-mail away. . . Please Contact Us.