School Threat Prevention. . .

Our Corporate Threat Matrix division developed our School Threat Prevention programs designed to educate teachers, administrators, parents and students about the dangers which threaten our schools today and what they can do about it.

Our threat team utilizes the training, resources and expertise of both private and government agencies as well as more than two dozen leading experts in criminal psychology, sociology and criminal profiling.

We began with the July 2004 "Safe School Initiative" report conducted by the U.S. Secret Service on behalf of the U.S. Department of Education.  From there, we combined those more recent findings and recommendations of those leading experts to develop our completely up-to-date School Threat Prevention programs:

Each of our seminars last approximately 60-90 minutes and are designed to give students, teachers and parents the informational tools they need to stay safe.  Our successes are growing rapidly.

All our programs are highly cost-effective, time-managed and conveniently held at your local school.  We're just a phone call or e-mail away. . . Please Contact Us to learn more.